Anarchists torch 3 trolleys in Athens (video-photos)

Anarchists torch 3 trolleys in Athens (video-photos)

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A group of anarchists set three public transport trolleys on fire, after forcing the passengers off the vehicles, Monday at 10.30 at night, in downtown Athens. The group was inside the enclosed yard of the Athens Polytechnic on Patision Avenue, when they suddenly exited and started making the passengers of obne of the three trolleys passing in front of the university compounds to get off. They then proceeded to torch three vehicles with petrol bombs, according to police reports. 6 fire engines with 18 fire fighters were called on the spot and managed to extinguish the blazing trolleys without anyone getting injured. Two of the trolleys were completely destroyed, while the other was extensively damaged. Police cordoned off Patision avenue for a long period of time. The public transport administration of ISAP decided to change the routes of trolleys to avoid Patision avenue on Fridays and weekends.

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