67% Greeks are non-smokers, says ELSTAT

67% Greeks are non-smokers, says ELSTAT

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According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) 67% of Greeks a non-smokers, compared to 27% who smoke and 6% who identified as occasional smokers. The data is not so encouraging concerning passive smokers, as the anti-smoking law voted in Greece has not yet been fully implemented.

In addition to this, ELSTAT recorded that 28% of Greeks were exposed to passive smoking at home, while 79% in clubs, bars and restaurants were forced to inhale others’ smoke. Recent studies indicated Greeks felt anger that their country was the only one in the EU where anti-smoking laws were not enforced saying this was indicative of low cultural mentality embedded in the people.

Nearly 150,000 children have died due to passive smoking on a global scale, while it is considered one of the cruelest forms of violence as it affects children, pregnant women and people with respiratory health problems.


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